Young Independent Consultants, Inc.

"...Y.I.C. passed both weekly and Sunday sales on their first attempt. Y.I.C. did such a good job that I paid them a bonus to give directly to their field staff. They earned every penny and made my business complete."

Brahim Ouhammou, Owner, Hall-Mart Food Store

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Farmers Market, Eaton

“I just wanted to let you know what a remarkable thing the Beer and Wine sales have been for Farmers Market. We set new store sales records on Memorial Day weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day better than the previous. Yesterday, Saturday the 2nd, We blew away the previous records. We are Budweisers second largest account in Preble county according to our sales rep! Thanks again for the great job your organization did for us."

Mike Allen, Owner

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Hall-Mart Food Store, Columbus

“My store got voted dry because of a bar located next to us that voters wanted to be rid of. Once we lost our permits, many neighbors were dead set against alcohol under any circumstances. We worked very hard to be a good neighbor to the community, keeping things clean and adding value to the store, expanding and adding new products. Still we lost two more times trying to get just our store voted wet, including in the Presidential. Y.I.C. passed both weekly and Sunday sales on their first attempt. Y.I.C. did such a good job that I paid them a bonus to give directly to their field staff. They earned every penny and made my business complete."

Brahim Ouhammou, Owner

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The Thirsty Squirrel, Wintersville

“When the letters to voters were mailed (asking for support on liquor/Sunday sales) we had maybe twenty people come into the bar for the first time just to check out the place. Some of them are already on their way to becoming regulars. My Thursday, Friday and Saturday after the election were the best three days of business since we opened. Even if we didn’t win, I’d still tell people that hiring you was worth the money. You guys did a great job.”

Jimmy Kinemond, Owner

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Speed-Zone Carry-Out, Xenia

"I hired a professional field resource management group in 2008 and was shocked when the issue didn't pass. Other business have Sunday sales, so why not us? I was very leery about hiring anyone else and nervous about doing it myself. Why I See insisted they would do a better job, they charged less than the other guy, and they were willing to make a big portion of their fee contingent upon passage. The issue passed 239 Yes to 177 No. At this point my only regret is that I didn't hire them sooner. I give them my highest recommendation and wouldn't work with anyone else."

Mark Straume, Owner

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R.J, Pub, Green

"Thanks, Bob. You did a good job."

Robert Hall, Owner

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Lowel Moose Lodge

"We are grateful for your efforts in this matter. You and your people did a great job!! Even if we would have lost you did everything you said you were going to do. I respect honest business people and if I can give you a reference in the future don’t hesitate to call!!"

Mark Tilton, Administrator

Bell Stores, Inc.

"We have Young Independent Consultants campaign for beer and/or Sunday beer at all of our sites where a vote is necessary, and theyve always been extremely professional. We had a particularly complicated job this year where they really went above and beyond the call of duty to get our issue passed. We had purchased a new store in Fredericktown, and we really needed beer sales, but liquor options had never passed there. In fact a local grocery had just lost on the ballot in May. Bob came up to meet with me and the new store manager to coach her on her role and to finalize the letter to the voters. In the letter we told voters that we would only be remodeling and making improvements, but we ran into more work with the remodel than we anticipated, and it was decided a few days after the letter went out that we would tear down the store. So we sent another letter to voters explaining this, but we were getting numerous reports back that local officials and local competitors were working against our beer issues. A week or so later, after wed torn down the original building, there was a nasty and suspiciously knowledgeable letter to the editor in the local paper attacking Bell Stores. Young Consultants sent another crew to canvass the voters, at no additional charge to us, and learned that public opinion had shifted against us. So they worked with our store manager to create an inspiring counter letter, also at no additional charge to us, which was hand delivered on the eve of the election, and our issue passed with 54% of the vote in favor. They made all the difference.

I can not imagine another provider giving us the kind of hands-on intensity that Young Consultants gave us on this campaign. They made our issue their personal mission, and we got the results we needed. Bob Young's company has nothing but our highest recommendation."

Doug Combs, Vice President of Operations,

Partners Bar, Dayton

"I hired another group to put Sunday sales on the ballot for my bar almost 20 years ago, and it lost by about 20 votes. I was highly skeptical of hiring anyone else to do it, but I got a letter from these guys, and they made it sound like they could do the job. So Bob Young came down and met with me at my bar and laid out this detailed campaign plan, and in the back of my mind I’m thinking “yeah right.” But the guy was convincing. Well, as far as I can tell, he was a man of his word every step of the way, and we won with 70% of the vote. I didn’t do it for the money, because frankly we won’t make much on Sunday wine and liquor. I did it for the peace of mind of knowing that I, and my sons after me, will have the right to sell on Sunday from now on. Bob Young and his company gave me that peace of mind." George Mescher, Owner

Timewarp Bar & Grill, Westlake

"I lost the first time I tried to get Sunday sales for Timewarp by just two votes. Frustrated, I decided to let it go for a few years. Then I hired Young Independent Consultants. Bob seemed confident, but we had a cranky neighbor working against us, so I was still a little concerned. I called Bob a few days before the election, worried that they might need to put some extra work into it, and when I asked what he thought our chances were, he said, "fifty to one", in our favor. So I left it to them, and we won with 72% of the vote. They did what they said they would do, and things went much better than I expected." Rob Rogers, Owner

The Pines Golf Club, Orrville

"Our restaurant/banquet facility is top quality, and we provide a great deal to the community in terms of jobs, property tax dollars and the responsible nature of our business. When we opened, we assumed that the community would support alcohol sales, even though it had always been dry. We were wrong. We put it on the ballot in 1997, and we lost by more than 80. We learned in 2003 of a group that did this professionally, so we hired them. We lost by more than 80 again, and I didn’t see where hiring that group made any difference. The board of elections told us about another firm, Why I See, and that they did a lot of good work here in Wayne County (and charged us only two-thirds of what the other company did). We didn’t want to waste any more time and money on it, but it was just too difficult to compete operating without liquor sales, so we took another chance in 2007. We lost that time by just 22 votes. We had insisted on writing our own literature, and after the election, Bob told us that if we try again in 2008 and do everything his way, that there was a good chance that the issue would pass. So we hired them again, and we won by 49. It was the best money we ever spent."

Glenn Miller, Vice President