Young Independent Consultants, Inc.


Our main advertising point in 2017 was the fact that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve both fell on a Sunday. While the significance of this varies from one business to another, for some it is a huge day, and that’s particularly true for bars, restaurants and state liquor agencies. My apology if our advertising failed to reach you and you missed out, but there will be many holidays and more significant Sundays in the future where you will be thankful to have your full beer, wine and/or liquor license. Once you make the investment in the Sunday license it will continue to pay for itself, and your Sunday customers and employees will thank you. Overall we won 48 of our 50 full campaigns in 2017, again well above the state average.

Why I See was also approached by the mayor of Newburgh Heights, Ohio, with the task of running a petition drive for submission to the Cleveland City Schools District to release and redistrict students living in Newburgh Heights to Cuyahoga Heights Schools. Why I See successfully collected enough signatures to meet the requirement set forth equal to 75% of the particular individuals who cast votes in the previous election. This was made more difficult coming off the heels of the 2016 Presidential Election with its high turnout, and the fact that four months had elapsed with some of the eligible signers no longer living in the village. Ultimately, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections validated the submitted petitions with a number exceeding the 490 valid signatures necessary, with Why I See succeeding where three previous efforts had failed.


We identified the General Election of 2016 as particularly ripe for local option success, especially likely after the Primary Election with many traditional conservative voters staying home, and we encouraged businesses in tough precincts to take advantage of our services. We won for 54 out of 56 of our full campaign clients (96.4%), and available records show that our 56 client sites had been defeated on previous ballots at least 68 times. Add that to a record of 15 wins to a single loss in the March Primary, and it gives us a success rate better than ninety percent going back through November of 2008. Overall we filed petitions in 113 precincts in 2016, which puts us up to 536 successful, mistake-free petition drives in a row over the past eight years. We're very thankful to have the support of so many good and loyal clients over the years who have made this success possible. When we started in the business we were the fourth largest provider of local option services in Ohio. After years of hard work and good decision making, we've worked our way up to number one and have been so for four years in a row. We recognize that doing a good job for clients and treating others with respect are the keys to success in this business. We will never let that success allow us to rest upon our laurels and will continue to work hard to provide clients with the best ballot representation they can hope for.

Fall 2015

Won 27 campaigns out of 30. We even won for Marengo Marathon, in a precinct where beer and/or wine sales were defeated in '79, '81, '92, '96, 98, '06, March '08, November '08, '09, '10 and '13. The closest issue in any election prior to our campaign for Marathon lost by 86 votes, while our issue passed for Marathon by 153. We also won for Hall-Mart Food Store in the Columbus inner city. It was voted dry in 2002 and again in '03 and '08. Our campaign resulted in a 19 vote win for beer and wine sales, which is very unusual for a store that's been voted dry and we were able to pass Sunday sales on the same ballot.


Won 37 campaigns out of 40 including two sites in the always difficult Hartville, Euclid Mini Mart, which lost three times prior to working with us, and Discount Drug Mart in Mt. Gilead, where local options had failed seven times in the same precinct including three separate failed efforts for Sunday sales at Kroger.

Fall 2012

Won 44 of 46 campaigns (96% success) in 2012, including for clients that lost no fewer than a combined 23 times prior to hiring us. Registered more than 1600 new voters in Ohio. Have now won better than 90% of our campaigns for the past 5 years dating back to November of 2008.

Spring 2011

Young Independent Consultants enjoyed its second consecutive perfect May primary election; winning all 6 of the issues for which it ran campaigns. This is especially impressive while considering the other 11 issues found on ballots throughout Ohio had only a 64% passage rate, further solidifying Why I See as Ohio’'s premier local option campaign management firm.

Spring 2010

In the primary election of May, 2010, Young Independent Consultants won 100% of the campaigns we managed for our clients. This perfect record was impressive for a primary election.

Fall 2009

In the Fall of 2009, Young Independent Consultants won 94% of the campaigns we managed for our clients. Our record of 29 wins and 2 losses in an off-year election again makes us the industry leader (and sets a new off-year record?). With results like these, clients can rest assured that their campaigns are in good hands.

Fall 2008

Y.I.C. achieved a success rate of 92% in November 2008. We won 35 out of 38 full campaigns, and ten of those clients had lost prior to hiring our firm. We also filed petitions in 18 precincts for petition-only clients with 100% success.

Fall 2004

A record successes rate was achieved in the 2004 election when 36 out of 37 issues passed. 22 of those clients had lost prior to hiring our firm and a record 97% of those issues passed after we ran our full campaign. It is unlikely that any leading industry competitors have come close to surpassing this unprecedented rate of success.

Voter Registration

Regularly one of the top three non-partisan organizations in the state for new voter registration. Generally only statewide issues add citizens to Ohio's voter pool in terms of non-partisan efforts.

Lobbying at the Local Level

Offered as part of our campaign service when both feasible and necessary, Why I See will meet with local officials, civic organizations and organized neighborhood groups to advocate for passage of client issues. It is important to be able to identify when such a meeting will benefit a client and when it will not, as such groups tend to be opposed when a meeting becomes necessary. Why I See has had great success with making this determination, encouraging supportive voters to attend and shaping the conversation to stress the value and importance of supporting the ballot issue to all present. Doing so has helped us to turn numerous past ballot defeats into successful campaigns.

Local Option Legislation

Our company president, Bob Young, completely revolutionized the way local liquor options are conducted in the State of Ohio by writing the 'portion of a precinct' law in 1997. This law allows a business in a dry part of an otherwise wet precinct to obtain a liquor license without endangering permits already held by other stores. This legislation was integral to the re-establishment of the 'particular location' law that everyone in the industry, firms and business owners alike, are able to take advantage of today.

Land Rezoning

Despite massive resistance from the Community Hospital and other financial interests in the area, Bob Young successfully passed a land rezoning project to allow the building of a new Mount Carmel Hospital.