Young Independent Consultants, Inc.

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The obvious choice for your ballot issue campaign and petition-filing needs. Now on a nine-year streak of timely, error-free, filings, which includes 626 separate petition drives for client sites around Ohio with 203 of those in just the past two years alone.

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Young Independent Consultants, Inc. (Y.I.C.)

Young Independent Consultants, Inc. (Y.I.C.) conducts liquor option, referendum and initiative campaigns in the State of Ohio for a myriad of clients in or tangent to the retail service industry. In addition to running campaigns, we also handle a number of related functions such as site research, petition drives, public-opinion polling and local lobbying.

When I started Why I See in 2000, we were the fourth-largest company in terms of volume in the local-option campaign business. It took us twelve years to work our way up to being the largest provider in Ohio, a position we've held four years running. We're now on a eight-year streak of error free filings, which includes 536 separate petition drives for client sites around Ohio with 113 of those in 2016 alone. Roughly 70% of those have us run our full campaign. We won for 54 of 56 of our full campaign clients in the General Election of 2016, with 15 wins to a single loss in the Primary Election, giving us a success rate better than 90% going back through November of 2008, and these include at least 217 separate campaign efforts for sites where sales had lost on the ballot at some point in the past.

We at Why I See are continuously involved with recent changes to state law regarding election campaigns. Doing business with our firm, clients receive unparalleled personal attention and assurance that everything has been done by the book. We make sure all forms are properly completed and filed, that signatures are sufficient and valid, and that we are in compliance with Ohio's campaign finance laws. This attention to detail is what enables our firm to provide clients with the highest rate of success. We're very thankful to have the support of so many good and loyal clients over the years who have made this success possible. We recognize that doing a good job for clients and treating others with respect are the keys to success in this business. We will never let that success allow us to rest upon our laurels and will continue to work hard to provide clients with the best ballot representation they can hope for.